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60 X 150 Metal Building

Freedom Steel Buildings are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations and come completely clear-span. One of the more popular requests is a 60 X 150 Metal Building. Commercial and Industrial needs typically require an excess of 6,000 square feet making this an optimal solution for business expansion and growth.

Designing your building alongside a Freedom Steel Project Manager ensures a seamless experience. From confirming your building code requirements with your county officials to coordinating your buildings arrival, our experienced staff will walk you step by step through the entire process.

60 X 150 Metal Building Hockey Arena

60 X 150 Hockey Arena

60 X 150 Metal Building Hangar

60 X 150 Aviation Hangar

60 X 150 Metal Building General

60 X 150 Indoor Soccer Arena

60 X 150 Metal Building Equestrian

60 X 150 Equestrian Arena

When planning a project of this size, timeliness and budget are of key importance. Freedom Steel's experience gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your expectations will be met. With over 5,000 buildings completed, using 100% All American Materials, Freedom Steel provides the ideal solution for metal building projects.

60 X 150 Buildings are commonly used for:

  • Equestrian Facilities and Arenas
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Storage Solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Trucking
  • Churches
  • Retail Space
  • Office Space
  • Roof Systems

60 X 150 Buildings are typically customized with:

  • Roll-up or Overhead Doors
  • Single and Double Entry Doors
  • Wall Lights and Sky Lights
  • Overhangs and Lean-Tos
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Roof and Wall Insulation
  • Interior Liner Panels
  • Roof Vents and Cupolas
  • Canopies and Extensions

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