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Featured Arizona Steel Buildings

Mesa, AZ
Maricopa County

30x44x12 Cocoa Beach, FL

Residential Garage

Tuscon, AZ
Pima County

30x30x16 Tuscon, AZ

Commercial Garage

Ammon, AZ
Bonneville County

48x125x16 Ammon, AZ

Eagle Eye Produce

Known as one of the most sweltering places to live, the Arizona heat can be relentless during the spring and summer months. Steel buildings are a great option for construction needs due to its resilience against extreme temperatures. The red oxide primer used on the steel I-Beams prevents weather erosion and ensures that the desert heat will not deteriorate the strength of a Freedom Steel Building.

Freedom Steel Building's come with a 25 year mill-backed warranty and are the perfect solution to escaping the dry desert heat. The insulation that can be included with a steel building offers a great and lasting barrier from the heat. Other customers invest in steel buildings for their workshop needs, roofing systems for coverage or storage solutions.

Casa Grande, AZ
Pinal County

48x72x18 Casa Grande, AZ

Roofing System

Thatcher, AZ
Graham County

50x225x16 and 30x225 Lean-To Thatcher, AZ

Work in Progress Metal Warehouse Building
50x225x16 and 30x225 Lean-To

Buckeye, AZ
Maricopa County

40x50x16 Buckeye, AZ

Storage Warehouse

Freedom Steel has provided steel buildings in all 15 counties throughout Arizona and in the surrounding areas. The eco friendly attributes of a steel buildings appeals to Arizona residents due to their committment to the enviornment. Since the materials are made from recycled steel and are designed to withstand any weather permitting elements, steel buildings offer a lifetime investment in various ways.

Featured Building Project: United States Army - Yuma Proving Ground, AZ

U.S. Yuma Proving Ground

U.S. Yuma Proving Ground

Freedom Steel provided 12 buildings for The United States Army Yuma Proving Ground facility ranging from 20x20x14 to 70x150x31. Many of the steel buildings were for testing purposes, evaluating results, research and development for parachute procedures and necessary storage usage. The clean air, low humidity and minimum rainfall of the Arizona desert creates the perfect atmosphere for testing and training conditions.

From the maintenance room, open hanger buildings to aircraft storage facilities, Freedom Steel has supplied all of the necessary facilities for the military's needs. Each building was designed to withstand the heat and wind loads in the desert lands of Arizona. As one of the largest military installations in the world with over 2,000 square miles, Freedom Steel planned and engineered each of the designs with our with prefabricated building kits in order to effectively cultivate the area.

Freedom Steel takes pride in the opportunity to collaborate with all branches of the military service, as well as federal and state agencies. As the primary developer for this project, Freedom Steel engineered each steel building to the highest quality and durability.

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