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It is now possible for everyone to benefit from having Freedom worldwide!

Freedom Steel’s corporate headquarters is located in South Florida, one of the largest hubs in the world for global business. After well over a decade of dominating the market in North America, we quickly became the premier building supplier throughout The Caribbean, eventually expanding into the Central and soon the South American markets. With customers in Russia, Africa, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Guam, and more, Freedom Steel has proven to be an international force in the steel building industry. Our ability to adapt our engineering to every climate and every condition makes has mad us the company the world comes to rely on for doing steel buildings the right way.

Call our toll free number at 1-800-630-2846, or locally by dialing 561-330-0447.

  • -   Engineered for all extreme local weather conditions
  • -   All shipping handled by Freedom Steel
  • -   Shipping available to any destination across borders or by sea
  • -   Custom designs available for exactly what you need
  • -   Stamped engineered drawings

Freedom Steel Buildings Have Been Delivered Around the World

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