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Mini Storage Buildings

Freedom Steel's mini storage system is quickly becoming the most popular product offered by our company. Our self-storage facilities are shipped nationwide. Our prices on our mini-storage buildings can compete with anyone in the industry and pricing remain very competitive. Apples to apples, we can usually beat the competition resulting in savings for you.

Key Benefits
Freedom Steel uses a pre-punched base channel as a standard feature that makes erection fast and easy. To erect our red-iron, simply anchor down the channel, screw in the studs, and screw the purlins to the studs. With our erection drawings and standard details, it's simple to learn how to erect our mini-storages. If you do have trouble, call our Customer Service Department and receive the best immediate assistance in the industry. All of our systems are certified by a registered Engineer. Freedom Steel provides each customer with a letter of certification sealed by an Engineer, easy to read erection drawings and details, and a shipping list. Our customers don't worry if their building will meet code. All of our wall panels are coated with the Ceramestar 950 coating. The specifications are on the back of our commercial color charts. This coating comes with a 20-year warranty for wall applications.

All of our mini-storage systems come with an upgraded corrugated downspouts when gutters are needed. These downspouts are only offered in white, light gray, light stone, and burnished slate. They bring a much better appearance and added quality. All mini-storage systems are cut to fit, piece marked, and come with the wedge anchors to fasten them to the concrete.

Purlins, girts, channel, headers, & jambs are formed from steel sheet or strip conforming to ASTM A570 or A607 with 55 KSI minimum yield strength and shall be adequate for specified design loads.

26 gauge galvalume steel (25 year warranty) 36" wide "PBR" panels with 1 ¼" rib height conforming to ASTM A792. The "PBR" panel features a purlin-bearing leg that helps with panel support during erection. The panel attaches with an extended life Scots 300 stainless steel, self-drilling fastener which is an added value to ensure the galvalume warranty. Colored roof panels are also available upon request.

Roof Pitch:
1/2:12 is a standard mini storage pitch. Other roof pitches are also available.

Eave Height:
8’-6" is standard, however, other heights up to 14' are available upon request.

29 gauge galvalume steel 36" wide "R" panels with 1 ¼" rib height.

Wall Panels:
26 gauge prepainted (25 year warranty) steel using a high performance Ceramestar 950 silicone polyester finish conforming to ASTM A792. Wall panels are 36" wide "PBR" panels with 1 ¼" rib height.

All trims are fabricated from 26 gauge prepainted (25 year warranty) steel using a high performance Ceramestar 950 silicone polyester finish. Custom configurations can be used to properly trim any special application.

Materials are furnished complete with all fasteners, wedge anchors, and sealants necessary to erect the mini-storage building.

Standard roll-up doors are available upon requests.

Popular Sizes *

Mini storage buildings can be designed in any width up to 60' wide and in any length. Please call for specifics on Unit Spacing and Pricing

25' X 150'20' X 200'20' X 100'20' X 60'
30' x 100'30' X 80'30' X 150'30' X 300'
30' X 200'35' X 120'40' X 180'40' X 250'

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