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Our Clients

Freedom Steel Buildings is the leading provider of metal buildings for all applications. Not only are we the goto source for backyard garages and workshops but we are one of the top providers of commericially used building facilities, military buildings and government structures.
Some of our recent customers include:

Educational Institutions:

  • New Mexico Tech
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology

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Military Applications:

  • Air Force

    Nellis Air Force Base
    Creech Air Force Base
    Andrews Air Force Base
    McConnell Air Force Base

  • US Army

    Fort Dix
    Fort Lewis
    Yuma Proving Ground
    Aberdeen Proving Ground

  • Coast Guard
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

Other clients include:

  • Fountain Valley Foods
  • Sharpe Land & Cattle
  • Kelly's Ford
  • Baker Lake
  • Peabody
  • Land & Leasing Foundation
  • The Blessed Basket of Galveston

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