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Freedom Steel Caribbean

Freedom Steel understands the Islands. With our headquarters based in South Florida, we are no stranger to the dangers of high winds and the protective measures needed to insure the safety and security of our homes, businesses and loved ones. It is that same diligence and dedication that we devote to each and every project we work on for our The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, The Caymans, Haiti and the rest of the surrounding neighbors. Freedom Steel boasts the largest number of steel buildings per square mile in The Caribbean than in any other region of the world. If you're visiting a Caribbean Island and you look to your left, and then your right, and then behind you, chances are you are looking at least one of our steel buildings!

  • -   Engineered for all extreme local weather conditions, especially hurricane force winds
  • -   All shipping coordinated by Freedom Steel
  • -   Shipping available to any island destination
  • -   Custom designs available for exactly what you need
  • -   Stamped engineered drawings
Turks and Caicos

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