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Standard Building Features

Primary Framing Elements - (columns and rafters) All primary members are welded in an I-Beam configuration. All frames are welded on our state-of-the-art computerized twin-arc submerged welding system capable of producing structural members up to 72" in depth giving us the ability to manufacture clear-span buildings up to 200 feet wide! A factory primer coating is applied to protect the beams during shipping and erection.

Secondary Framing- (girts, purlins, eave struts) Secondary framing from rolled steel in gauges from 12 to 16 to provide an extremely rigid structure. The following elements are formed as secondary framing:

Eave Struts: This is a rolled member formed into a "C" to match the pitch of the roof. The eave strut is also made of 12, 14, or 16 gauge steel.

Bracing Diagonal cable bracing is supplied with all of our buildings with the exception of special opening requirements that may need portal framing . By taking this extra step our buildings are far stronger than most of our competitors who rely on the sheeting, otherwise known as diaphragm bracing to do the bracing for the building.

Sheeting All sheeting is 26 gauge "PBR" panel. Color sheeting is dipped with a galvanized substrate to prevent rust and corrosion. All our Galvalume roof sheeting is hot dipped with a zinc and Aluminum compound to give it the strength to stand up to the worst weather, and the durability to last for generations. Take a look at our panel colors below.

Panel Types:

Other Elements

Fasteners: Self-drilling fasteners combine the separate functions of a drill and a fastener. These fasteners are engineered for rapid drilling without creeping or slipping of the drill point, thus reducing walking and surface marring. The neoprene washer keeps your building water tight as well as providing vibration dampening. On the roof we provide standard fasteners with a 25 year warranty!

Structural Bolts: We provide all the nuts and bolts to assemble your building through pre-punched holes.

Closure Strips: Every Freedom Steel Buildings comes with closure strips which when placed at the eave provide weather tightness. The closure strips are pre-formed to match the profile of the panels.

Ridge Cap: The ridge cap is designed to match the slope and contour of the roof providing a tight seal along the ridge of the building.

Trim, Flashing, Gutters & Downspouts: All our buildings come with standard trim to give the building a finished clean look. Optional Gutters and Downspouts provide additional protection from the elements

Plans and Drawings: We provide a full set of anchor bolt plans for the placement of anchor bolts in the foundation. We also provide engineered stamped and certified construction prints. In addition we provide an in depth erection manual to walk you through the erection of your building.

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